Abby Abnormal started as a way to update family and friends while I went on a five month volunteer trip through Europe and Asia. I left my home and my job with just a 20 pound backpack, an ugly pair of “comfortable travel shoes”, and a hunger to see parts of the world I had only dreamed of.  I realized that although this started as something for others, it quickly became something for myself. After I got back, I was still going places and still loved to write, so Abby Abnormal stays alive and continues to explore new places and taste new flavors.

This blog represents the part of me that I often find myself unable to express in person, because, well, I talk too fast, care too much, and mostly have my head in the clouds.

Thanks for reading!

-Abby Abnormal






  1. Hi Abby, Where are you and how is everything going. Have you started working at one of the sites yet. It will be fun following the blog and knowing how you are doing. AJ


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